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Community Outreach Resource Extension, or C.O.R.E. Project will utilize a person-centered model focused on wellbeing to deploy a Community Health Worker (CHW) in underserved areas. This is achieved by creating a road map with standardized tools that equipped community-based organizations to meet the individuals where they are at. It is expected that the model will boost self-management of individuals social determinants of health, enhance the ability of community-based organizations to identify root causes while at the same time collaboratively build a local system focused on individual and community well-being.  


Community Outreach Resource Extension is a project created to serve the least and the lost within any community. Providing outreach to the community so connections can be made to be the most effective by helping to build self-management. This is done by building individual and community capacity through a range of services such as, outreach, goal setting, community education, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy. Any community can adopt these policies to make positive changes within the ALICE and impoverished populations. This is achieved by creating a CHW workforce.  


Incorporating CHW services into the overall community sustainability plan is done by empowering organizations through using the models set in place by the C.O.R.E. Project. These models help broaden the understanding of the community needs assessment and how to effectively set goals keeping the communities themselves in the forefront.  Building efficacies, enhancing and leveraging internal assets of local organizations to meet communities where they’re at.     

What if every community had a distinct sense of well-being?  

Currently our rural communities are geographically disconnected from the vital resources that help stabilize overall well-being. 

C.O.R.E. Mobile Impact Center


Currently our rural communities are geographically disconnected from the vital resources that help stabilize overall well-being. The Community Outreach Resource Extension (C.O.R.E.) Project helps to reestablish those connections. We pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to give every community a chance by meeting them where they’re at.


In 2019, we were able to secure funds through generous donations and now can meet the needs of many with our mobile impact center. However, in order to fill our mobile center with food and basic necessities to deliver to those in need, we still need your help.  Please join our efforts by donating today.

All donations will go towards our Mobile Impact Center to carry out the C.O.R.E. Project.

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P.O. Box 1907 Midland, MI 48641

Any and all gifts are much appreciated!


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