Rural Community Health Worker Supervisor Network 

The Rural Community Health Worker Network (RCHWN) supports a network of Community Health Workers (CHWs) from across the country. This is a network created by CHWs for CHWs that support, advocate, and educate one another.  This is done by the sharing of life stories, networking, and the sharing of member’s expertise in different CHW areas.  Whether our members are from rural or urban communities they usually find that they share similar experiences.   


The Value of Our Network includes: 

  •   Peer-to-Peer Support 

  •   Networking 

  •   Continuing Education 

  •   CHW Advocacy  

  •   CHW Supervisor Networking and Training

  •   Awareness of National and State Conferences 

  •   Scholarships 

  •   Guest Speakers 

  •   Quarterly Gatherings 

  •   Yearly Retreat and Conference 

  •   Private Forums – Resources and Support 

Membership is $25.00 per year 


The price of the membership is what is used to provide support to CHWs in need of assistance of materials along with several scholarships that are awarded throughout the year to current members.


*The CHW network and CHW supervisor network are 2 separate memberships 

Image by Rod Long
Image by Johann Walter Bantz
Image by Rémi Walle